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My Buzz is a review and information site aimed mainly at the Make Money Online niche. If you’re looking to earn a little (or maybe a lot) of money working from home, maybe I can help. I’m Ross (that’s me on the right) and I’ve recently taken over management of

I’ve spent a good amount of time searching for a way to earn money online, to supplement my income. I’ve been tricked, swindled, lied to, and generally scammed and spammed by experts; and I decided to pass my experience along to help others. was first created as a way to help those of you looking to earn money online without getting scammed. I’m proud to continue this mission.

The aim is to help you sort the Honey from the Tar, so you don’t get stung. (Yeah, I know, corny puns – but it was just too hard to resist.)

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, or just want to earn a little pin money, and need some advice, you’re in the right place.

Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.
The Busy Bee

If you’re looking for product reviews, you’ll find some of those here too. I’ll be expanding the site to include reviews of physical products as well as scams and money-making schemes. Let’s face it, there are dozens of sites in the MMO (make money online) niche already. Having said that, I’ll still be writing expos, articles, and tips for those who are looking for info on working from home.


These reviews will be mostly published as blog posts. You can visit my blog page here, or use the Posts menu on your right.

From time to time I’ll be attempting to sort the sheep from the goats, so to speak, and presenting unbiased opinions on various schemes, Searching for scams and Legit Schemesdeals, and offers available on the ‘net. Product reviews featured here are based on my personal opinions gleaned from either extensive research or personal experience. I’m not infallible though, so please don’t start sending me letter bombs if you disagree with my findings. You’re welcome to chime in with your own opinions via the message box below each post.


Online Scams are Everywhere
Read the Fine Print

One thing’s for certain. The online world is full of scammers and confidence tricksters—unscrupulous marketers who are only interested in one thing—separating you from your hard-earned money in any way they can.

You’ll see a link at the top of this page which will direct you to some of the pitfalls you may need to watch out for. Or you can click this direct link. Of course, the list here is by no means exhaustive but should give you an indication of the types of scams there are out there. One important thing to keep in mind is that no-one is too smart to fall for a scam. In fact, the smarter you are, the more confident you will be in your own judgment and a clever scammer will often manipulate this self-confidence and draw you into their web. Let’s face it, they’ve probably had lots of experience.

I’ll be upgrading My-Buzz over time, so please bear with me whilst I populate and edit a few pages. I’ll be providing links to specific posts as they are added.

If you have a particular offer you’d like to see reviewed here, please email me details at

Comments? Questions? Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at my email or leave a few words in the Comments section after each post.

Wishing you success with your online journey.




  1. Simon says:

    I nearly fell into a honey trap with a company called Digital Altitude.
    I thought I was on the verge of making a substantial living until I joined up on their ?1 starter fee and discovered what was involved.
    Upsell after upsell running into thousands of dollars to enable climbing the mountain. Before you can receive commissions from your downline you have to purchase each expensive stage. Failing to do this, your commissions go to your upline.
    He is one of the most famous guys is downline building but I managed to get out and ran for the hills.
    Check Digital Altitude out and see what you think.
    Love the website,

  2. Karin says:

    I came across this site called Energency commissions hosted by Desmond Ong. He says he went for a swim in his pool and 17 minutes later, he finds a $200 commission waiting when he logged in his account. I laughed. That sounded too good to be true. The starting price was just $10 but still I wasn’t going to fall for it.

      • admin says:

        Seems Emergency Commissions isn’t a scam per se, but what he fails to mention is that he has an ENORMOUS mailing list to send out new offers to. The so-called new business he made that $200 from was just a new affiliate website targeting his established audience. No way a newbie could replicate that!
        There are much better organisations out there to help kick-start a new affiliate marketer.

  3. Jerry Huang says:

    Thanks for running this website to review make money online products and expose scams. There are tons of scams out there which make the online world really unsafe.

    What’s your top recommended make money online opportunity?

    • Hi Jerry.

      Thanks for stopping by, and also for your input.

      There are tons of legit ways to earn money online, but my favorite has to be affiliate marketing.

      If you work at it properly it will work. The biggest reason folks sometimes don’t make a success of it is a lack of proper training. (That and impatience)

      We see so many spruikers out there telling us that they made a million bucks in their first year that we start to believe it.
      Then, when we’re at six months in and we’re not earning much we start to doubt.

      That’s why I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. Before then, I was wasting so much time and money chasing unicorns.
      Now, thanks to the special camaraderie and training I’m finally confident that I’m on the right track.

      Thanks again Jerry.

      Wishing you much success with your online business.


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