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What is bUnited, and Is This Legit, or Is It a Pyramid Scam?

I received the following message on my LinkedIn profile recently.

I just joined bUnited. You might also be interested.

bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes.

And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative.

Just click and see for yourself. I love it! 



Now if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my time as an affiliate marketer and blogger, it’s summed up in one sentence. Believe Nothing, Trust No-one, Check Everything! (Actually, that’s three things, but you’ll get my drift) In fact, I even have a sign on the wall near my desk with the letters BTC in large, bold text.

Here’s the sign, I just snapped it with my iPad.

bunited review not a scam


Having never heard of bUnited before, and being the skeptical soul I am, I assumed it was some sort of scam. Nevertheless, I thought I’d check it out.

Before using the link, I googled bUnited and quickly found their webpage. Here it is if you want to take a look.

Is bUnited a scam? Actually, I don’t believe it is. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

The whole idea behind bUnited revolves around the concept of bulk buying power. Not bulk buying as individuals, but by forming a collective where the sheer volume of members will be enough to convince sellers or suppliers to offer discounts. This will shift the balance of power away from the large corporations and towards the customers. It sounds simple, and in fact, the whole concept really is.

As bUnited members, we will become a part of one of the largest consumer groups in the world. The bUnited goal is to enlist millions worldwide and use the buying power to wrest control away from greedy multinationals and direct it back to us, the customers.

bUnited, get paid to save money

But it’s not just for financial gain. bUnited is also committed to protecting our environment from the high polluters in our society. Many corporations are so adept at Greenwashing that it’s hard for the average consumer to really know who the real environmental vandals are.

Not all corporations, large or small, fit this description. bUnited is committed to dealing only with companies who are able to show they are doing the right thing by our planet.

bUnited will put the power back in our hands and show the high polluters that we will no longer do business with them.

It’s no good relying on our governments to pressure big businesses into ethical ecological behaviour. Governments worldwide are constantly bombarded with a combination of misinformation and “political donations” by professional lobbyists. Money talks, and when it says “we will only buy from you when you can prove you have adopted a sound ecological policy” businesses will listen.

bUnited is currently approaching companies worldwide and indeed, companies are also making the approaches themselves in order to be included. Mark my words, I believe this will be BIG!

What Does it Cost to Be a bUnited Member?

Here’s the good news. Not only is it totally free to become a bUnited member, but members will actually get to share in bUnited’s success.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought too.

So Where Does All The Money Come From?

From the Companies that do business with bUnited.

Companies partnered with bUnited have been paying huge amounts to FaceBook, Google, Yahoo, and others to promote their products. They pay for the ads you see at the top of your search results page, and these ads usually cost regardless of whether users click on them or not.

With the bUnited system, these companies pay bUnited every time a member makes a purchase and in turn, bUnited pays out to their members.

If that’s not a win-win situation then I don’t know what is. As of February 2019, the latest company to sign on to bUnited is Vodafone, and many others are in the negotiation process.

Is it worth joining? Well considering that it costs you nothing to join, and has the potential to earn good money while at the same time getting us discounts on things we were already going to buy, I’d say that’s a no-brainer.

Who is Behind bUnited?

bUnited was founded by Jim Jorgensen, the Chairman, with the assistance of Johannes Pohle and Ozan Taner.

You can read about Jim Jorgensen here.

You can read about the entire bUnited team on their website, along with relevant information on each member. There are far too many for me to list everyone here, but feel free to check them out with the above link.

Not all of the companies Jorgensen founded went on to be hugely successful. In fact, some of them even failed. What caught my attention, however, was an internet infomediary community for which he was CEO, called AllAdvantage.

It came and went within two years, from 1999 to 2001. It was based on a similar concept to bUnited. Members were paid a portion of the advertising revenue generated by their online viewing habits.

Despite the fact that it ultimately failed, it’s a matter of record that AllAdvantage actually paid out over $160 million to its members in its short lifespan. To me, this shows that Jim Jorgensen is, in fact, a trustworthy person with an entrepreneurial spirit.


How Will bUnited Members Benefit?

1. Firstly, by receiving discounts on goods and services. The sheer buying power virtually guarantees this. Members will gain from the discounts while participating suppliers will benefit from access to the customer base. What sort of goods will be included? Just think of anything you have purchased recently and it will probably find its way onto the list. Phones, motor vehicles and services, computers, club memberships, etc etc. I’m sure you can think of many others.

bUnited should not be confused with a Buying Club, where members are required to pay ongoing membership fees. There will never be any fees to be a part of bUnited. They will pay their members instead.

2. You will also be paid for referring new members. As the group grows, and sales volume grows, bUnited will begin to pay out commissions to members who have referred new members. This continues for five levels.

AHA! I can hear you saying, bUnited is just another Pyramid Scheme!

No, it’s not. A pyramid scheme involves a new member buying into the scheme through compulsory purchases of a product of some sort. They then have to sign up new suckers who also have to buy the same overpriced product in order to recoup what they’ve paid. They, in turn, do the same to their ‘friends’ and on it goes.

Remember, with bUnited you pay NOTHING to become, or to remain, a member.


How Much Will I Be Paid For Each bUnited Referral?

bUnited will pay $10.00 for each and every referral you bring in. In addition, you will get another $10 for each of their referrals, and each of theirs, and so on through the five levels.

When Will I Get Paid?

Just to be transparent, this money will not be paid all at once. That would be economic suicide for any such scheme. The funds will be credited to your account and will be available over time.

Withdrawals will take place after participating companies have paid bUnited. In all honesty, this may take as much as two years, but will probably take a few months. Since we never have to pay anything to be part of the team, I still say that’s a good deal.

Some members will be able to withdraw some earnings within 60 days. Most will be able to withdraw some earnings within three months, and they will continue to get paid until they have received the full amount. Of course, if you continue to add new members to your downline, your earnings will grow and grow.
All this will vary by what country you are in, how quickly the membership grows there, and at what speed companies sign up.
Your Member’s Account page will show you how much is available for you to withdraw at any time.
If this seems a little unfair, remember that it will cost you nothing to be a member, and all you have to do to earn this extra money is recommend bUnited to a few of your friends. Think long-term, and you’ll see becoming a member of bUnited makes very good sense.

bUnited estimate that the discounts offered to members by participating companies will be around 20% to 30%. That alone will make membership very attractive.

What About the Accountability of Partner Companies?

bUnited will monitor partner companies to ensure they are providing the best deals for members. In addition, as a part of the agreement, companies will be obliged to show proof of their environmental credentials. Companies win, Members win, and best of all the Planet wins.


The Wrap-Up

The more I look into bUnited, the more convinced I am that this is a legitimate opportunity. It is well set up, has an active FaceBook page, and offers good support. All my queries in the initial investigations were dealt with swiftly and efficiently. The founders and their team are accessible through their website, and not one of them was leaning on a rented Lamborghini! LOL

A company that offers to get me good discounts on my purchases as well as earning me money. What’s not to like about that?

I hope you will join me in helping build this group into a truly supportive and profitable business.

If you join with my link, (which I hope you will) please contact me once you’re registered and we can build a team within the team.
Do you have any further questions? Any comments you’d like to add?
Please join the discussion via the Comments Box below.
Thanks for visiting my website.
Your Friend,
Ross.           . .


  1. Ross says:

    Thanks Gwendolyn, for chiming in. The links in the article will take you to the bUnited home page, where you can “read all about it” as they say. Their FaceBook link is at the top of the page. I haven’t joined the FB group myself yet, but I will do. As you said, this is a great concept. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Gwendolyn J says:

    I can appreciate the concept behind this company. I personally do not use certain businesses because of their environmental policies. I haven’t gotten gas at Exxon since the spill in Alaska, and I stopped using Shell for gas when I found out how they ravaged Nigeria.

    bUnited sounds like a company I would be happy to deal with. I will be doing more research, but it feels like something right up my alley. Can I find their Facebook page from the link you provided?

    Thank you for the information.

    Gwendolyn J

  3. Gwendolyn J says:

    I can appreciate the concept behind this company. I personally do not use certain businesses because of their environmental policies. I haven’t gotten gas at Exxon since the spill in Alaska (https://www.history.com/topics/1980s/exxon-valdez-oil-spill), and I stopped using Shell for gas when I found out how they ravaged Nigeria (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-42151722 .

    bUnited sounds like a company I would be happy to deal with. I will be doing more research, but it feels like something right up my alley. Can I find their Facebook page from the link you provided?

    Thank you for the information.

    Gwendolyn J

  4. RoDarrick says:

    Hello Ross, very interesting review of bUnited you have here. Seriously though, I do not know about them before, and I’m glad I dropped by to read this post. It seems to me a great opportunity to access discounted rates if one could form a very quick group of downlines. Owing to its free membership, I like that very much since there are no strings attached. I also fancy the added advantage of the referral system. Its cool but then, having to wait for withdrawal might pose a threat though.

  5. mohammadahm1 says:

    After reading your article I have benefited greatly.You discuss in your article about bUnited. You also said what is bUnited,membership cost, benefits etc. Before i didn’t knew about this but now i have learned in this topics clearly. Your share your own opinion and experience.So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.

  6. Shui Hyen Hiew says:

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for sharing this bUnited review. I saw many people are now promoting bUnited in WebTalk and l thought it could be another scam. After reading your review, l have a clearly picture what bUnited is all about. Can l join as a member since l am from Malaysia?

    Best wishes and take care.

  7. Ross says:

    Hi, and thanks for asking that. As far as I know they have no restrictions on where you live when you decide to become a member of bUnited.

    I’d recommend you to just use the link in my post and apply. They will soon let you know if you can’t join.

    I can see no reason why you won’t be able to join.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Have a great day.

  8. Ross says:

    Thanks for dropping by Ro.

    With regard to the waiting time for payment; If it costs us nothing to join, and very little effort to share bUnited with our friends and contacts, I can see no problem with having to wait a bit.

    I wouldn’t recommend bUnited as a first option to make a living online, it’s really just a side hustle.

    To make a serious living online you need to be in affiliate marketing or drop shipping or other e-commerce.

    Check out this post for more info. http://my-buzz.com/affiliate-

  9. Alaister A says:

    Hello Thomas,

    The first thing I did before I could even write this comment was to signup using your link!

    I’ve never heard of them before. Thank you so much for bringing  this great organization to my attention .I was initially skeptical when I started reading about them on your post and started to feel that bunited is legit. What more can we ask for when there is nothing to pay but be paid to just refer folks for 2 great things – building a powerful consumer base and at the same time ,be sustainable! Hope they get the traction and soar really high.

    I must say that this is great post which is very well written. During your research, have you bumped into any other organization similar to this?.  Thank you. 

  10. Cedric Jones says:

    Hello, Ross.  Thanks for some good information.  I’m all for making the world a better place and making money while doing it.  I was a bit taken aback with how long it takes them to cough up the cash, but hey, that time is gonna pass whether I’m waiting for them to pay me or not.  I enjoy your personable writing style.  I feel like I know you already.  Look forward to visiting your site often.

  11. Edwin Bernard says:

    I’d never heard of this campaign before. Sounds like a good way to influence the behavior of large corporations. I checked out their website and was amazed how many team members there were. I began to wonder why do they need so many team members? I assumed it was because they must have signed up thousands of companies. And to communicate and sign agreements with them would require resources. Sounds reasonable.

    I was disappointed when I saw a long list of business categories , but they were short on actual company names. I wondered as a member how would I know who to shop with and how to get my discount? I didn’t join. If you have joined can you tell me if signed up members are provided with these details? If I could see that the companies I shop with are on that list I would be join i a heartbeat. 

    This has to be a two way street to work. Initially bUnited will have clout from the sheer numbers of signed up members. There has to be a mechanism that the corporations can use to show what percentage of the members purchased from them. If that ratio is very small, in time the leverage bUnited started with could fizzle. I am also interested in what metrics the corporations use to pay bUnited. 

    I used the calculator on their website to check out the numbers just for curiosity. I entered 10 recruits from me and each of my recruits would duplicate what I did, and so on and so forth. If that happened my income would be over $1M. I am my sure that would be rare. So I entered a realistic number of 4. The new earnings potential for me would be over $13k. Great pocket money for not putting anything into the plan personally. Also the corporations control when they make a payout. I definitely couldn’t use this concept as a business to earn a job replacement income. 

    And here is where the comparison with pyramid schemes gets interesting. You defined a pyramid scheme perfectly. Although the payout is like a pyramid scheme, no money changes hands. So any one who signs up cannot complain if they do not get paid for a very long time, if at all. I see the discounts as being the main attraction for joining. 

    Before I end I want to offer a comparison with legitimate MLM companies, where the products are not over priced. I am a member of such a company and enjoyed the benefits for 10 years before I decided to get involved with the business plan. If I found the products over priced I would not have subscribed to it for so long. The point I want to make is when products need to be purchased in the network for commissions to be generated, ones earnings can be predicted. Hence there is a far greater motivation to build ones network. A powerful benefit is the residual nature of the income. Hence one can earn a decent income that way. 

    You did a great job in introducing people to this unique way to influence corporations through incredibly large purchasing power. The discounts are a compelling motivation to encourage people to sign up. I would like to know more names of companies involved to be able to add some urgency to join. Thanks for sharing this new concept. 

  12. Gomer says:

    The business of bUnited looks like an ingenious idea. I have seen it work in real world, the power of pooling together to achieve the maximum discounting benefit. Plus, the opportunity to earn money by referring others to bUnited, and it looks lucrative. This business got my interest so I’d like to ask before I join… 

    Are they accepting international affiliates? I mean, members or affiliates from other countries like the Philippines?

  13. Cedric Jones says:

    This is a good, comprehensive review. The only “fault” I can find with the company is they take too long to dispense earned revenue. But, like you said, since it doesn’t cost anything, I’ve got nothing to lose. That same amount of time is going to go by, whether I’m waiting to get paid by bUnited or not. I will look into them a little more and I’m sure that I will join the cause. Thanks for the information.

  14. Marlene says:

    In your entire post, I like this the most “Believe Nothing, Trust No-one, Check Everything!” There are no truer words regarding the internet and making money online.  I also like that bUnited is green conscious.  Every little bit of help to change the world is a great help.  One turns into two, and two into four, and four into eight, and so forth, you get the idea.  

    The information you give on bUnited is great.  Thank you.  I will be checking all your links, and I’ll probably see you inside then, to become part of your team inside the team.  That’s cool.  

  15. H Phomrong Maring says:


    bUnited seems to be the Go-To-Website in the near future and of course, depending on the penetration of its information and ads alarms.


    Who the heck will not like to join a site that breeds sustainability and protects our environment from the polluters? I find the concept so good that there should be no question asked to join in if, at all, it’s TRUE with what you’re showing here. The best part is that it doesn’t want your money but it wants to give you and to make you buy only the products that have a sound ecological policy.

    I will also browse Google as you did and see where its credibility stands in these few months’ time period and you know what? If found validated, I will definitely join under your link and become your referral.


  16. Paul says:

    At first I was too hesitant to check on this site because I thought it is not that important but when I saw your video I realized that it is worth to watch. Thank you for your courage in stepping up and for including the mother earth in your advocacy. Come to think of it, hitting 2 birds in one stone, you are not only helping people but you are also helping the earth. I only have few questions in your niche. So you said by referring people to sign up, we will get incentives, now what exactly happens to those who signed up? Is this some kind of an amazon or walmart thing like a membership? How will you get discounts when you go to the grocery stores? Are you providing your members a premium card to use in any stores? 

    Thank you once again.

  17. Ross says:

    Hi Alaister. Thanks for your intelligent comment.

    You are correct in saying we have little to lose and everything to gain with bUnited.

    I signed up straight away also, as soon as I had checked out the bUnited website.

    In answer to your question; No I haven’t heard of anything like bUnited before. I’m sure this is a truly unique concept. If you hear of any other similar scheme, please remember to let me know.

    Thanks again. Thomas.

  18. Ross says:

    Wow. You really put some time and effort into this comment. I agree with just about every word.

    The thing with bUnited is that at the moment it is a totally new concept. They are in the process of building their membership at this stage. Once they have a large member base they can then start to really leverage that to get us the optimal benefits. Those of us who sign up now may have to wait a little longer for the benefits to show.

    Having said that, as it costs absolutely nothing to become a bUnited member, I can’t see any reason not to join as soon as possible.

    I agree also with your observation that not all MLM schemes are scams. Unfortunately, though, a good number of them are more interested in signing new members than moving product.

    Thank you for your time in writing this insightful comment.


  19. Ross says:

    I’m sure that once the group has a large membership and starts to really build traction the payment lag will be much shorter. As you said though, that time is going to pass anyway, and as it costs absolutely zip to join, what do we have to lose?

    Thanks for chiming in. Feel free to visit my other posts and add your thoughts any time.


  20. Ross says:

    As far as I know, it will make no difference where in the world you are. The whole concept of bUnited relies on global leverage. How can they truly achieve that if they restrict memberships? The only downside I can envisage is that maybe there might not be many participating supplier companies in your area for you to get the discounts from. You can still promote the offer to anyone else though, no matter where they are.

    Thanks for commenting.


  21. Ross says:

    Thanks, Marlene.

    Be sure to contact me through the bUnited group. Good luck with your online endeavours.


  22. Ross says:

    Hey, you should do your own research, that’s for sure. When I said Believe Nothing, Trust No-one, Check Everything I expected that to also include me.

    I admit I still don’t know everything there is to know about bUnited, but I’m prepared to take a leap of faith just based on the concept. (Plus the fact that I don’t have to risk any of my hard-earned money LOL)

    The more I delve into it though, the more convinced I am that it is a legit opportunity.

    Thanks for chiming in.


  23. Monalisha says:

    Thank you so much for your informative post.Your post was really very much helpful to me . You have nicely described bUnited. I have learned what it is about, benefits and so on through your post. Now I have a clear idea about bUnited.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I will definitely share your this post to others so that they also can learn about bUnited.

  24. I appreciated your explanations to my questions. I can see the long term prospects of this novel plan.

    I have a rational explanation about the focus on recruiting in most MLM companies. Most new members do not get their expectations met. So they leave after a few months at the most. In order to generate more sales, the cycle repeats. That proves the companies main goal is to increase sales and profits for them, more than their members. Sadly, most of the purchases are made by new members.

    Fortunately I have found a company that offers a valuable service that appeals to me more than a product.

    All the best to you.

  25. Ross says:

    Thanks for your input.
    It’s true that not all MLMs are scams, but so many are.
    I much prefer affiliate marketing as an individual. I control what products I promote and also when and where I promote them.
    All the best with your endeavours.

  26. Ross says:

    Hi Paul. I checked with the bUnited team before I replied, as I wasn’t really sure about this query myself.

    Apparently, they will be posting all available offers on the website. That way members can simply opt in to get access to whatever offers they want to take advantage of.

    bUnited discounts won’t be available everywhere, but as time goes on I think more and more suppliers will be jumping on board.

    Thanks for asking this question.

  27. Ross says:

    Spoken like a true sceptic. (Join the Club)

    Yes, I was a little dubious to start with, but I figured “what the heck, it isn’t going to cost anything, and if it takes off I could be on a winner”.

    I like the idea of pressuring big business to boost their green credentials too, of course.

  28. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for bringing bUnited to my attention.

    The premise is very interesting and I think I’m going to check them out to see what kinds of items I can get through them and I like the idea of being able to sway companies for the better and to promote the better treatment of the planet.

    I’m a bit skeptical of the whole. Level referral thing but that just me being cautious as so many MLM programs operate that way.

    OK, I’m off to check them out.

    Thanks again,


  29. Ross says:

    Thanks for commenting.

    I know where you’re coming from. We have to be on our guard that’s for sure.

    At least with this offer, we aren’t being asked to part with any money. I think it will take off, but we have nothing to lose even if it doesn’t hey?

  30. Ross says:

    Thanks, Travis.

    No, we aren’t likely to get rich from this, but I think it’s a great initiative anyway.

    And, of course, we just might pick up a few bucks in the process. 🙂

    Either way, we can’t really lose.

  31. Ross says:

    Thanks for chiming in, Marvin.

    It’s refreshing isn’t it, when we receive an invitation like this that doesn’t ask us to give/spend money.

    Glad you found this post useful.

  32. Ross says:

    Thanks for your comments.

    Actually, I wasn’t trying to whitewash the scheme. After I got my initial invitation I decided to check it out online and really couldn’t find ANY negatives. The only possible downside I could come up with was “it might not get off the ground”. In which case, we’ve lost nothing anyway.

    Do you know of any negatives? Please let me know so I can update my review.


  33. Travis says:

    This definitely did not go where I thought it was going. I am like you, very cynical about these online making money schemes, but after reading your thoughts about it I am interested in learning more. Not going to get rich anytime soon from this but there is a potential for a little money, just have to wait a few months to get it. Thank you for reviewing this opportunity, I will be checking it out!

  34. DreaJay says:

    I really appreciate the fact that you took out time to make this review, it’s very nice of you. bUnited seem to be a very lucrative business offer and the company itself has many things claimed to be offered to members, I don’t know why it keeps popping up in my mind that I should do more research about bUnited, I’ll dig more about it and I’ll consider it, you know how it is about online business now, be sure before you indulge. Thanks.

  35. youness says:

    well, it looks like a pyramid scheme, but just the fact that it s free, change everything in my mind i think it’s a good thing specially if you want get discounts of all the products you need in your active life. I will check more BTC!! and i will go through.

  36. Marvin says:

    Thanks for this article on What is bUnited, and is it Legit. I too received a similar message on LinkedIn but was at work and dismissed it. Just doing some research now and I stumbled onto your article, and I’m happy I did. To be honest, I was super skeptical if this was legit or not. But I’m relieved since reading this article and finding out that the Board and Chairman are legit. I like that it’s free also, I will have to check it out for sure. Thanks

  37. Wildecoll says:

    It’s always funny whenever I say that I’m always at alert whenever it comes to considering new business offers online and it is simply because of the fact that scams are rampant nowadays and I receive message of it virtually everyday. This review is detailed and nice, but I think it should dig more to the negative parts of bUnited instead of loving the good alone. With this, potential members will know what they are signing up for. Thanks

  38. Michel says:

    I joined bUnited not so long ago and it definitely seems like a legitimate company working for a good cause. I can’t tell you what their payment system is like though, as I haven’t really tried to promote it yet.

    I was wondering where they were getting the funds to pay people for referring others, but you have at least answered that question with the fact that people pay them for advertising and the more people join, I guess the better the advertisers will do.

    What is the best way to promote this sort of program?

  39. riverdogg says:

    Thansk for writing about bUnited and the community of buyers they have. Honestly I’m sure I quite understand it fully, but I will check them out. It’s an interesting idea to have people band together to buy things in bulk? Or is that not what members do? I would appreciate it if you could let me know how specifically people buy stuff in bUnited? Thanks.

  40. Ross says:

    Thanks for visiting, and taking the time to comment.

    First, ask your friends to check it out and give their opinions. If you ask for opinions they will be more likely to visit the site than if you seem to be “selling” to them.

    You can also promote bUnited with your social media accounts. Post an image like the one at the start of my review, (that way you’re not actually posting a link) and ask them to check it out and give their opinions.

    Then add a bitly link with your referral id, for them to follow.

    Or you could write a review yourself if you have a website.

  41. Ross says:

    Hi Riverdogg.

    Thanks for asking. No, it’s not about buying in bulk, it’s just about buying what you would normally buy but from companies affiliated with bUnited.

    The volume aspect comes from the sheer number of members bUnited is hoping to amass.

    I think it’s a real win-win for everyone.

  42. BEazzy Shifts says:

    Hi Ross. Too good to be true o. I thought bUnited would be another fake shinny object that is geared towards extorting people’s hard-earned money. Now I know that this platform is very legit.

    The founder is a real human and they do real business which is helping companies stuffs.

    Thanks for this review

  43. Jim says:

    Hi Ross. I have to admit that I have encountered BUinted before. This was a few months ago. At the time I was very skeptical and , even though I loved the idea of being part of an organisation looking to help save our planet, I was worried that it might be just another scam. However, having read your review I now believe that there’s nothing to lose, they don’t ask for any money, which is always a great thing. So I thought I would give it a go, it will be interesting to see what happens and if they actually pay out funds. Thank you for reminding me of this interesting business. Jim

  44. Idris says:

    Hi Ross

    This is a well written review. I’ve never come across bUnited before this, but this review really helps me understand better about it, to the point I actually joined it as a member through your link. I want to check it out for myself. 

    Joining for free for a good cause is definitely great. I do hope they show the companies that they work with and the discounts or offers that we can get soon. Earning money by the referral is also great, though I wouldn’t put high hopes on actually getting it since its quite new (I look forward to hear from the first few people who gets the payout!).

    And lastly, I gonna use your BTC concept! Lol. Simple yet something that we tend to overlook, especially when reading ‘sweet’ words like making easy money.

    Thanks once again for the review!

  45. Ross says:

    LOL. I’m tempted to get a BTC tattoo somewhere!

    I too, am waiting for them to publish a list of participating companies. I think it’s a work in progress at the moment. For now, I’m just promoting the hell out of it and hoping for the best. My account shows $100 credit as of today, but not available to be withdrawn yet.

    At least I can promote it with a clear concience, as we don’t have to fork out any money to join.

  46. Ross says:

    Cheers, Jim. Glad you found it helpful.

    I think the concept is great! I suppose it remains to be seen whether it really gets off the ground. For now though, we can at least promote it in the hope it does become a huge success. That way, when it does, we will be able to say we helped start something really big and got paid for doing so!

  47. Ross says:

    Yeah, like I’ve said before, what’s not to love about this?

    Join for free, get paid for referring others, get discounts for being a member of a potentially huge buying group, and put pressure on corporations to be environmentally responsible.

    I don’t care if it takes two years to start paying out. It’s cost me zip to join.

  48. Mr Biizy says:

    Wow! Another cool money making opportunity for me. I love the fact that it is free to join and remain in bUnited. Good to know that it is absolutely risk free in terms of money and I trust that it will not be a total waste of time just as you have said. It is always a good thing to check out free stuffs like this. I’m signing up straight away.

  49. Kylie says:

    Hi Ross, thank you very much for this good review. I’m also on a search to try to make money online. And from what you write about bunited, I’m even more interested. 

    However, I have had unpleasant experiences about similar websites, where my withdrawals are not paid. Has that ever happened to you?


  50. Ross says:

    Thanks for chiming in Kylie.

    I have money in my account, but none available for withdrawal yet. The way I look at it though, is that it cost me nothing to join, so I really don’t care how long it takes to start paying. I do know that the last time this particular group did something similar they eventually paid out millions, so my thoughts are that we have nothing to lose. It all makes sense, so I don’t see why it won’t work. A big plus is that it just could help the environment.

    Thanks again.

  51. Geri says:

    This is the second positive review that I have read on bUnited. At first I was skeptical about the whole business but now I am starting to warm up  to it. As the saying goes, “nothing is free” but bUnited’s free membership sounds like a great trade for supporting companies that care about the environment. Hmmmm, I must just sign up.

  52. Kell says:

    This is really a nice article on bUnited. I also like the fact that you took your time to do your homework before coming up with this. 

    When we see something like this at first, we tend to be skeptical. And considering the fact that it is free to join is a good start. Unlike other schemes or companies that will tell you to pay a fee.

    And looking at the fact that Vodafone is partner, it gives us a good sense of credibility. From your article, I will say that it does not look like a pyramid scam website. I will go through the website from your link, and if I have any question, I will contact you.

    Thank you for this enlightenment.

  53. Fluffy Duck Studios says:

    Hi Thomas, great article.  I had never heard of bUnited until coming across your review. Consumer power has always been taken for granted by big corporates and it’s great to see a movement like bUnited to take back that power. It will take time to build membership in order to become enough of a threat to many of these multinationals and they sit up and take notice. But that’s ok – good things take time. 

    You mention in the article that you can earn fees from up to five levels of referrals. Do you know how bUnited is going to be able to track five degrees of separation accurately enough to ensure the right people are being paid?   

  54. Ross Madison says:

    Thanks for your input, Kell.

    Yes, I did research it well before writing the post. But then, I make that a rule anyway. I wouldn’t have taken it so seriously if there had been a joining fee involved, as that would have been a red flag for me.

    Thanks for using my joining link, and yes, feel free to contact me if I can help or advise.

  55. Ross Madison says:

    Good question about the tracking of members. When I visit the website and open my account settings it shows how many referrals I have and also how many “friends of friends” referrals I have.

    These days, tracking things like that is pretty easy thanks to the magic of tracking software.

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