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bUnited Review. Is This a Scam?

What is bUnited, and Is This Legit, or Is It a Pyramid Scam?

I received the following message on my LinkedIn profile recently.

I just joined bUnited. You might also be interested.

bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes.

And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative.

Just click and see for yourself. I love it! 



Now if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my time as an affiliate marketer and blogger, it’s summed up in one sentence. Believe Nothing, Trust No-one, Check Everything! (Actually, that’s three things, but you’ll get my drift) In fact I even have a sign on the wall near my desk with the letters BCT in large, bold text.

Here’s the sign, I just snapped it with my iPad.

bunited review not a scam


Having never heard of bUnited before, and being the skeptical soul I am, I assumed it was some sort of scam. Nevertheless, I thought I’d check it out.

Before using the link, I googled bUnited and quickly found their webpage. Here it is if you want to take a look.

Is bUnited a scam? Actually, I don’t believe it is. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

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BuilderAll Review.

What is BuilderAll?

what is builderall review is builderall a scam

Is BuilderAll worth the money, or is it just another scam?


Well no, BuilderAll is NOT a scam. BuilderAll is a product/system designed to help anyone with setting up an online business. It does have its limitations however, and in this unbiased BuilderAll review I’ll attempt to sort the wheat from the chaff and give you an honest appraisal of the BuilderAll Platform.

Should you invest in this system? Spend a few minutes reading this review now and arm yourself with the right information to make a much more informed decision.

Please Note: I’m not an affiliate of BuilderAll, so I’m not going to sugar-coat this review. (Not that I’d do that anyway. I only recommend products or services that I know are good value.)

So let’s get started. Read more

Legendary Marketer Club, Scam or Legit?

Legendary Marketer Review: Is This Legit, or Just Another High-Priced Scam?

duplicate dave the legendary marketer

Chances are that you’ve recently heard about the Legendary Marketer Club and you’re wanting to know whether Legendary Marketer is a genuine opportunity to make money online or another rip-off scam.

If this is the case, I don’t blame you for being a tad sceptical. I’ve looked into heaps of online money-making schemes and yes, it’s true, a huge number of them are nothing but scams designed to separate you from your hard-earned money. Some aim to do this as quickly as possible. Others will attempt to hook you into a slow drip, like the proverbial frog in hot water, until you feel you have invested so much already, you just have to keep going.

In this Legendary Marketer review, I’ll be attempting to cut through the hype and tell it like it is so you can make an informed decision about investing in David Sharpe’s newest offering.

So Just What is Legendary Marketer?

And More Importantly

Can you make money by investing in Legendary Marketer?

Read on and I’ll try to give you the run down on this scheme. In this review I’ll attempt to answer all your questions, even some you may not have thought to ask. If you have further questions you’ll be able to ask them at the end.

Feel free to jump ahead to the following sections if you wish to.

How Does Legendary Marketer Really Work?

Is Legendary Marketer Really a Scam?

Is There Another Way?

Legendary Marketer is the brainchild of one David Sharpe, a well established internet marketer and “guru”. The products offered range in price from $30 per month to well in excess of $58,000 one time.

Yes, you read that correctly, $58,000. How many people would be prepared to shell out that much, I don’t know. Apparently there are some out there who will. The bottom line though, is that you’ll have to sell these high priced “products” to others in order to earn the promised commissions. (There’s another catch, which I’ll get to in a minute.)

Here’s a video created by David Sharpe himself. It runs for ten to fifteen minutes.

If you visit their website there’s a similar video showing a countdown for a “Special Offer” which is due to expire within hours. If you go back tomorrow the clock will be reset, of course. This is a big Red Flag to me. It’s just the same old FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) trick all over again.

Fear of Missing OutI came across Legendary Marketer via a similar sales video from an affiliate of his who told me there are people making thousands of dollars in their first 30 days. Some up to 5 digits!

Everything in the sales pitch screamed Scam! to me so I simply deleted the link. After a bit of thought I decided to look into it properly.

I actually paid for one month of access just to test the waters and then decided to write this post to help you and others like you avoid falling for this smooth, practised spiel.

You may have even seen this system marketed under other names, including End Financial Stress Now and others, but they all lead to the same sales funnel for Legendary Marketer.


end financial stress now book

Please Note: This system is in no way connected to the book, End Financial Stress Now by Emily Birken. Available on Amazon, this book is a goldmine of genuine financial advice, and I’d recommend it to anyone. My guess is that David Sharpe, also known as Duplicate Dave, is attempting to cash in on Ms Birkin’s book’s good reputation.




How Does Legendary Marketer Club Work?

In a nutshell, you have to buy a “Licencing Fee” to promote and sell the products. You can only earn commissions on products you have purchased yourself. (This is the catch I mentioned earlier)

It’s basically the same as so many other schemes like Digital Altitude and MOBE that have recently been SHUT DOWN by the FTC. All the products you’re being expected to sell are digital products, so there’s no way to justify the high prices asked.

The sales pitch will tell you everything you want to hear, including the fact that you hardly need to do anything to have bucketfulls of cash dumped into your bank account every day.

The work, they say, is all done for you by your very own coach and sales team. What they don’t tell you is the true cost you’re going to be facing.

make money with legendary marketer
Money For Nothing?

For your initial outlay of $30 per month you will get entry to the back end where you can access your “training”. This access is pretty basic, however, and you’ll probably be soon needing help from your “coach”. This person is really just another sales person whose job it is to upsell you to as high a subscription as they can. They earn a commission for themselves as well as the person who referred you into the scheme.

At this basic level, the biggest commission you can earn is $18 per sale. If your lead then goes on to buy into any of the high end offers you get nothing.

So is Legendary Marketer a Total Scam?

Well actually, no. Legendary Marketer is NOT a Total Scam.

If you’re genuinely seeking to learn how affiliate marketing works, this product will show you. The $30 per month basic access will give you some rudimentary training in affiliate marketing. There are also some occasional live video classes included. Where Legendary Marketer falls short is in the total package.

The LM membership does NOT include such things as website hosting, website building tools and training, and other features available with programs such as this one, at a similar price. It seems they want you to concentrate on email marketing and paid advertising.

Free Traffic is Best
Free Traffic is The Way to Go.

That’s fine, if you have the money to spend, but the best long term success comes from building your own website and generating free traffic. This doesn’t happen overnight, but once the flow starts it’s never-ending. The top affiliate marketers know this, and will never fall for a get-rich-quick scheme such as this.

The other drawback with the Legendary Marketer Club is that the whole system is geared towards selling and reselling their own very expensive products. Of course you can make thousands of dollars if and when you sell memberships! Provided, of course, you can find anyone prepared to pay the exorbitant prices being asked. (And if you have purchased all the upsells yourself, of course)

The commission rates are on par with most digital products, at around 60% for starter members. (This commission does drop to 40% for the top end stuff though, as 20% is assigned to the “coach” who helps secure the deal.) That’s why you’ll find quite a few sites online spruiking Legendary Marketer. Especially with paid ads.

Do I recommend Legendary Marketer as a means of making money online?  Well, No.

First, there’s the combination of high upfront costs and difficulty finding customers. Then there’s the fact that the primary focus is not on teaching you how to set up an affiliate website, but how to sell their ‘products’ to others with paid advertising. Others who will then be shown the same thing all over again. It’s not MLM, but it has similarities. There’s a good chance the whole scheme could be shut down by the FTC any day. Enough to tell me we need to look elsewhere.

So, Is There a Better Way to Make Money Online?

There are two ways most successful people make money online. Drop Shipping, and Affiliate Marketing. (This link will take you to a post comparing the two)

By far the best long term option is Affiliate Marketing. What you need though, is to be associated with a genuine, reputable, and ethical organization that really has your best interests at heart. (Yes, such a thing does exist)

I’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2016, and believe me, I wouldn’t still be here if it didn’t work.

I have a number of websites, and I work about 20 hours a week. As a semi-retired person, I’m just a dabbler, yet I’m still earning a decent additional income.

I have friends in the business who are a lot more dedicated than I, who are earning five or six-figure incomes after just a couple of years. This post here, will tell you how you too can become an affiliate marketer. You can even start for free.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you found this article informative.

Have you had any experience with Legendary Marketer or a similar program?

Do you have any experiences you’d like to share?

Feel free to chime in via the comments box below.

Earn money online without getting scammedYour Friend,

Thomas. AKA BusyBee.


Is Hempworx a Scam, or is it a Legit MLM?

Can you Make Money Selling CBD With HempWorx?


I have several websites, and on one of them I promote the many benefits of Medicinal Cannabis. my daily choice hempworx - hempworx comIn particular, the main therapeutic ingredient; CBD.

I was recently contacted by another online CBD affiliate and invited to join the HempWorx program.

Now, I readily admit I hadn’t heard of HempWorx before, so I decided to do some research. After all, It’d be foolish of me to overlook another potential income stream.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you exactly what I learned, and what my take is on the HempWorx Affiliate Program.


So What is the HempWorx Program, and Can I Make Money with HempWorx?


First of all, let’s clear up one important point. Although HempWorx advertises their sales system as an affiliate program, it’s actually an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Scheme.

(There’s another post here, where I discuss how you can promote CBD products as an affiliate marketer)

What’s the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing?

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Technology Profits Confidential; Scam or Legit?

Is Technology Profits Confidential the Real Deal?

I heard about this stock market newsletter recently, and thought I’d do a little investigation.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of TPC, let me share something with you. There is a genuine, legitimate way to make money online with minimal risk and endless potential. A method that won’t make you rich overnight, or without effort, but that can earn you a lucrative passive income within a surprisingly short time.

Click This Link for a review of my personal favorite online business model. It’s OK, the link will open a new window so you can get back here easily.

(OK, commercial break over)

So What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Is technology profits confidential a scam?

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Welcome to My-Buzz.com

My Internet Journey

My name’s Thomas. You can read about me and my personal details in the “About Me” page should you be so inclined.

I first discovered the ‘net way back in 1994. In those days, it was all dial-up connections and pages that took up to several minutes to load. Boy, we were a patient lot back then!

I guess I always knew the internet was going to become big business, but no-one, I’m sure, could forecast the internet as we see it today. I, and most people, never dreamed that it would become so easy (and so hard, in some ways) for ordinary folk like you and me to become online entrepreneurs and be running our own internet businesses. Read more

Digital Altitude – The Newest Scam?

Have you heard about Digital Altitude?

This post was written on Dec 14, 2016


Digital Aspire Promo


A friend of mine was thinking of investing in Digital Altitude, and asked for my opinion. I hadn’t heard of it, so decided to do some research.

Now, I have to be honest and say from the start, that the fact that this is a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme acted like a red flag for me, but nevertheless I agreed to review the scheme with an open mind.

I signed up for the $1.00 “free trial” so I could access the program and be able to make some informed comments. Read more

The Best Affiliate Training

Elsewhere on my-buzz.com, you’ll find a review page on the Wealthy Affiliate Group.


(There’s a link to that review here.)


Back in November 2016, I’d recently retired from my business in the transport industry, and was at a bit of a loose end. Not being the type of bloke to spend my days playing bowls or going fishing every day, (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if it’s what suits you) I decided to look into online marketing. I’ve been a writer of sorts for many years, although I’d never really taken it seriously. It was, along with music, my main creative outlet. Stories, articles, poems – I’ve been published once or twice, but never really set the world on fire. Let’s face it – I’m no Hemingway.


Make money scams are everywhereAnyway, I researched ways to make money online, signed up for a few schemes, and got ripped off more than once! It seemed that everywhere I looked, someone was trying to separate me from my hard-earned money. Mostly promising huge returns for little effort (but at a cost, of course) while delivering very little genuine advice or guidance. Eventually, I decided to try Affiliate Marketing, also sometimes referred to as Blog Marketing.


What’s affiliate marketing?

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Scams to Avoid

Internet Scams come in Many Forms.

How to earn money online without getting scammed
The Busy Bee

The first, and arguably most important, thing to stress here is the old adage: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I’d elaborate on that and say almost certainly is.


Some internet scams will offer you unbelievable financial success for minimal effort. Some will attempt to trick you into downloading malicious software. Some will simply appear to be legitimate online transactions where the goods you ordered never arrive, and possibly never existed in the first place.

Don't fall for a Money Trap
Money Traps are Everywhere


Believe me when I say you would not be the first, nor will you be the last, to fall for a clever trick. I’ve fallen victim to a few myself over the years and I’m always on my guard whenever dealing with someone I don’t know.


Below is a list of some common scams.

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