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Chris Farrell Membership; Is This a Scam?




This post was first published in January 2017


I’m assuming that you are reading this as the result of an internet search. Perhaps you’ve found Chris Farrell Membership online and are wondering if it’s a legitimate program. Maybe it’s another scam?

Chris Farrell Membership
Chris Farrell Membership

Well I’ve done some research on CFM and here’s what I turned up.

Actually, I did the research a little while back, when I was first thinking about dipping my toes in the Affiliate Marketing pond. I’d read here and there about people supposedly earning vast amounts of money online with little effort, mostly from Affiliate Marketing.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Needless to say, many of the schemes I looked into were simply scams that really did make lots of moolah – but only for those at the top of the tree.

For a “modest” monthly subscription, they promised training, resources, support etc while virtually guaranteeing success if you followed their guidance, yet delivered little in the way of true training and support.

Being a suspicious type, I’d Google the scheme, read through various online scam forums, and search for anyone who had tried it and was not still associated with said group. Usually, I’d soon find enough negative feedback to convince me to stay well clear of them.

The big give-away with most was the promise of big returns for little effort. Anyone who promises this is almost certainly a crook who is just after your money. I’d chat with onliners who had failed, some who had succeeded, and some who were still trying.

So Where Do We Start?

The problem was, and still is, that a newbie wanting to break into Affiliate Marketing will need a heap of training and support from somebody. Yeah, you could go it alone but it’ll be a long, slow process and chances are you’ll throw in the towel long before you start to earn any money. The internet can be a lonely place, especially when you’re trying to establish an online business.


I eventually made the decision to join another group, which I’ll get to later.

It was a fairly close contest, and I’ll explain my reasons for not joining CFM at the end of this review.


Firstly, let’s talk price.

The Chris Farrell Membership costs just $4.95 for a starter membership, to give you a feel for the group.

This membership, however, is limited to one week. After the first week, you’ll revert to a monthly membership at $37.00 pm. You can also opt to take up a “4-week fast track” program for $295.00 or $99.00 per month over three months. You can expect to be upsold on this as soon as you join.


So what do you actually get for your money?

The training covers many aspects, like;

  • How to set up an email marketing campaign
  • Building your website from scratch
  • Creating videos and uploading to YouTube
  • Setting up an FTP account
  • Webhosting (Included is free hosting for a limited number of sites)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized) copywriting (very basic though)
  • Article writing and marketing
  • Social Media marketing.

This information will bring a new affiliate marketer up to speed with the basics of the industry. The training is easy to follow, and Chris is a very good teacher. However, the whole program is aimed at the beginner only, and after a short while you will find you need to know much, much more about establishing yourself as an affiliate marketer and securing a reliable income. If you are already into internet marketing in any way I would NOT recommend this program. Instead, you should read my review here on my Number 1 recommendation for Affiliate Marketing.

As a beginner, you’ll learn the basics with Chris Farrell Membership, and that may be just what you want, without the risk of Information Overload. Sometimes, simple is better. For a while, at least.

What About The Downside?

As I stated earlier, the Chris Farrell Membership is only suitable for a beginner to Internet Marketing. As you progress and learn, you will reach the point where the training is not sufficient for you. (This may happen pretty quickly if you happen to be a fast learner). You will then either be on your own or will need to look for a more intensive program.

Much of the training, especially the SEO training, is out of date. (Or was when I last visited) In all fairness, it’s very difficult to keep abreast of the way the search engines rank a specific site for their content. Google, for example, (and let’s face it, they do hold the majority share of internet traffic searches) are continuously updating their algorithms.

This means that us affiliate marketers and other online business operators are always tweaking our content and page headings to stay in their good books. The search engines control who sees your website, and if you break their guidelines you’ll be out in the cold as far as traffic is concerned. Without traffic to your site you may as well go fishing!

Chris Farrell himself is, as I said earlier, a good teacher. This fact which can be verified if you communicate with anyone in the group, and I’m in no way suggesting otherwise. The training is easy to follow, and basically he is teaching in a “do as I did” manner. The only problem with that is we don’t all have the same approach, nor should we.

Support within the organization relies almost exclusively on peer support via group forums. This is OK if your problem is a fairly simple one, but there’s always something that crops up where you need expert advice. It’s frustrating having to submit a query and wait days for a reply when you are in the middle of writing a post, for example.

To sum up, the Chris Farrell Membership is not a scam. It’s a genuine attempt to provide a platform for beginners to learn internet marketing. It’s not my main recommendation, but it’s way ahead of many similar groups. If you’d like to check it out for yourself you can do so here.

Chris Farrell Membership

How do I rate the Chris Farrell Membership Group?

On a scale of 1 to 100, I’d give it a 70.

If you are serious about getting into Affiliate Marketing I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

For about the same cost, you can join a group that provides not just the basics, but ongoing training that will keep you abreast of what is happening in the industry and how to stay on target.


Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that I, and many others, use to run our online businesses.


Do you have any comments regarding CFM or internet marketing in general?

Please feel free to share via the comments box below.


Anyway, thanks for visiting my site and reading my review. Feel free to browse other pages here on My-Buzz.com I hope you find something of interest here.


Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.
The Busy Bee

Cheers for now.


Thomas.????????? .



    • Thanks for visiting Jerry.

      Yep, I’ve yet to find anything that comes close to the Wealthy Affiliate University for comprehensive training and support.

      I assume you’re a member as well?

      Cheers, Thomas.

  1. Faith T says:

    Great review, Ross. I was a member of this program some time ago, and the training was elementary at best. With wealthy affiliate, are you taught advanced marketing strategies? Thanks.

  2. Ross Madison says:

    Hi Faith. Thanks for chiming in.
    Yes, I have to say the training at Wealthy Affiliate is definitely advanced. There are some who would disagree, but they generally come from other training groups who say the only way to do affiliate marketing these days is through paid ads. Whan a crock of you-know-what!
    Paid traffic may be OK for some, in the short-term, but it’s a bit hit and miss, and it can quickly blow your budget sky-high. WA’s training shows us how to build traffic the right way.
    The lessons and training segments are constantly being updated also.
    I’ve been here since 2016. Would I still be here if it wasn’t the best?

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