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Digital Altitude; Is This a Scam or a Legit Opportunity?

This post was written on Dec 14, 2016


Digital Aspire Promo


A friend of mine was thinking of investing in Digital Altitude, and asked for my opinion. I hadn’t heard of it, so I decided to do some research.

Now, I have to be honest and say from the start, that the fact that this is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scheme acted like a red flag for me, but nevertheless I agreed to review the scheme with an open mind.

I signed up for the $1.00 “free trial” so I could access the program and be able to make some informed comments.


What disturbed me almost immediately was the fact that the only products DA sells are memberships and associated perks like conference trips, more training, etc etc. Is this an MLM scheme, or a Pyramid Scheme? I thought Pyramid Selling was illegal; apparently not so.


I was also struck by the length of the introductory videos and instructions. I’m of the mind that if you have something good to offer you should be able to pitch your product briefly and get to the point. Long, drawn-out sales pitches are a turn-off for me, as I always get the feeling that the promoter is afraid to allow me the breathing space to make a considered decision. You know, how some salespeople never want to shut up and sometimes actually talk themselves out of the sale?


The next thing I quickly became aware of, is the fact that the Trial Offer was virtually useless as a means of evaluating the program, as no real training is available until you sign up to at least basic Affiliate Level for $17.00 per month. I say “real training” with tongue firmly in cheek, as the “training” really consists of upsells to the higher levels.


The way the remuneration system works is that you can only earn commissions on sales of levels you yourself have actually purchased. If you choose to stay with the basic level to get the feel of things you not only earn lower commissions (if you can get any sales) but if you introduce a customer who buys into a higher level you get no commission at all!


You also have the option of calling in the “big guns” in their sales team to help you secure a difficult sale, but you’ll lose 20% of your commission if you do so.

Here is a breakdown of the three levels of DA Aspire, which is the first stage.


Aspire Walker: Cost = $37.00 per month.

Commission: 40%

Access to Members’ Area

Payout on one tier only

Start-up Training Videos


Aspire Hiker: Cost = $67.00 per month

Commission: Up to 50%

Access to Members’ Area

Payout on two tiers

Start-up Training Videos

Weekly Training, and More . . .


Aspire Climber: Cost = $127.00 per month

Commission: Up to 60%

Access to Members’ Area

Payout on three tiers

Start-up Videos

Weekly Training, and Much More!


The reasoning behind the three levels is pretty obvious to me. It’s like the old story about the frog in a bucket of water. If you start with warm water and gradually increase the temperature the frog will simply stay where he is until be boils to death. Chuck him into very hot water and he’ll jump out straight away. Anyway, you can see that to make decent commissions you’d need to be in Climber.



Next, let’s look at the “products” you’ll be required to sell.


Remember, you must purchase these products yourself before you can be entitled to any commissions from selling them.


These “products” are referred to as Memberships.

Digital Altitude Base or Walker
Digital Altitude Base

Base Membership: Cost = $595.00 (One-time)

The training is Video-Based, consisting of 12 modules in 3 sections. It’s mostly motivational stuff. How to prepare, launch, and grow your business and market to potential customers.


Rise Membership: Cost = $1,997.00 (again, one-time payment, thankfully)

Digital Altitude Rise Membership
Digital Altitude Rise

Nineteen modules, in five sections, and basically

more advanced stuff similar to Base Membership.

Car salesmen or insurance agents could really pick up some tips here.


Ascend Membership: Cost = $9,997.00

Digital Altitude Ascend Membership
Digital Altitude Ascend

For this, you and your significant other get to spend 3 days at a seminar in Las Vegas or somewhere similar, rub shoulders with other would-be millionaires and perhaps meet some of the top echelons of Digital Altitude where the real money is being made. Oh, and receive more of their wisdom and training via lectures and more videos.


Peak Membership: Cost = $16,997.00


Digital Altitude Peak Membership
Digital Altitude Peak

It was hard to get full details of what you get for your money here, but it seems to be just more of the same, though more advanced and detailed. By this stage, you should be looking at setting your business on autopilot anyway, and this seems to be the main theme from what I can learn from those who know.


Apex Membership: Cost = $27,997.00


Digital Altitude Apex Membership
Digital Altitude Apex

For your outlay of just under $28,000, you get to spend seven days at an LA retreat, hob-nobbing with the rich and shameless while patting yourselves on your collective backs at having earned enough to be able to afford the outlay. (Tax deductible, I guess)

All this, of course, is assuming the whole scheme hasn’t imploded by this stage. Schemes like these have a pretty short lifespan, after all.


I did some research on the founder of Digital Altitude, one Michael Force. According to the website and his videos he is a retired US Marine. What he fails to mention is his connection with Empower Network. For those who don’t know (which included me, prior to researching this article) Empower Network was the world’s largest Pyramid Scheme. Empower Network launched in 2011 before folding just three years later leaving some 97% of its investors foundering in its wake. No doubt Mr Force is looking at replicating his success with Digital Altitude.


You can verify this here.


Sorry, but I can’t find anything to recommend in this scheme. It’s not really a scam, as it is designed to do exactly what they say it will do. The hard truth though is that very few people have what it takes to spruik this type of scheme successfully. Also, the more successful it is, the faster it will burn out. And burn out it will.


MLM schemes, in general, arouse my suspicions! I do admit, there are some legitimate MLM companies who do offer real, tangible products but as an income alternative, I’d be recommending anyone to stay well clear. Or at least, do lots of research before committing yourself.

I’m happy to report that I was able to easily persuade my friend from throwing away their hard-earned money on this scheme.



I may be a little biased, but I still say I’ve yet to find any online business to compare with Affiliate Marketing. This is the model I’ve chosen to follow and the one I’d recommend to anyone serious about earning a living from home. (Or from anywhere you choose, really)

It’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight. If you’re prepared to work at it though, and can follow instructions, you can turn it into a reliable part-time or even a full-time business. And the best part is, you can get started for free! Click the link below and read my detailed review of the method I and many others use.


You can check out the system I use here.

Anyway, that’s about it for this post. I hope you found it helpful.

Have you, or anyone you know, had any experience with this or a similar scheme?

Please feel free to leave a message below, or drop me a line at ThomasG@my-buzz.com.


Bye for now

Thomas.????????? .


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