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How to Fake Earnings on ClickBank

Yes, you read that correctly! I’m going to share a video that shows you just how easy it can be to create bogus affiliate earnings. And you can do it in minutes.

How many times have you seen a promotion for a super-cool new affiliate marketing technique that’s almost guaranteed to make you big bucks overnight?

And as part of the promo blurb, there is a screenshot of someone’s “earnings” from this system that they’re trying to sell you proving that it really works!



This post is going to be very short, and you’re unlikely to find it in Google search. That’s because I’ll be checking the “no-index” box. I don’t want Google to see it, because they might think I’m seriously advocating faking affiliate earnings.

So there, you see just how easy it is to do. Not that I’d be recommending that you try this.
I shared this video, created by one of Wealthy Affiliate’s leading trainers, to show that you can’t believe everything you see on the ‘net.
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