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So you’d like to become a Blogger, and you’re wondering …

How Can I Earn Money From My Blog?


Maybe you already have a blogging website, or perhaps you have, like I did not long ago, made the decision to investigate blogging as an alternative income stream.

Perhaps you’re just wondering if the Blogger’s Life is for you. Let’s face it, we all love to share our knowledge and experience with others. Why shouldn’t we jump at the chance to earn a little money from our life knowledge and interests? Or better still, turn our interests and/or hobbies into a thriving online business? Seem too good to be true?

Can you really make money by Blogging??


Well, the actual truth is that yes, it can become reality. You can make money from your blog. You’ll need to start small, work hard, research lots, and write heaps of content aimed at informing and entertaining your (hopefully) growing readership. You’ll also need some good advice and guidance.

The thing is, If you have an interest, hobby, or occupation that you think others might like to hear about, why shouldn’t you share it with the world? Let’s face it, if it excites you there are probably thousands or more people worldwide who share your interests and just might be happy to read your reviews or opinions.

Maybe you just want to share your recent travel experiences. Many successful bloggers got their start blogging about travel. You could start just by writing about your home town!

I have a friend and fellow blogger who collects action figures. He’s built a website where he discusses his passion and shares info. Many other figurine collectors visit regularly. He earns a tidy little side income from the site. How? Read on and I’ll explain.


Are you ready for some Good News?

How to Make Money From Blogging.

Here is a link to The Best Blogging Resource available today.

It’s something I use myself, and I’m confident that it will help you achieve success.

The world of online marketing can be confusing at best, and at times downright risky. There’s certainly no shortage of so-called experts out there who tout their courses and products claiming to have all the answers. Most, though, promise much but deliver little.

As an online writer, you’ll need to become acquainted with all the intricacies of not just your chosen subject but website hosting, content platforms, keyword research, (so you can make sure your articles actually get read) and many other subjects. Don’t worry though, if all this seems overly complicated, as I have a great resource for you.

This handy, informative guide, which you can check out via the above link, has been written by one of the most successful bloggers online today. A lady who makes a very good living from blogging, both in niche (affiliate) sites and by other means, and has decided to share her secrets with you and me. Incidentally, she got her start as a travel blogger.


“How to Make Money From Blogging” will become your go-to resource for ways to make money from your blog. It covers all aspects of blogging, guest posting, link building, advertising income, and my favorite, Affiliate Marketing.

You can read a couple of reviews of Affiliate Marketer Training Programs HERE, and also HERE.

That’s OK, you can go and check them out. I’ll wait for you.

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

I’m really glad you asked.

Affiliate marketing is the means whereby many bloggers make a large part of their money. Your job, as a blogger, is to create engaging copy, or content, that people will want to read. Your Blog Site can then contain discrete ads or links to products related to your niche subjects which will earn you money when readers visit their sites or buy products. It really is that simple. In theory, anyway.

You could, for example, write a review on your latest iPhone or tablet. You could detail everything you love (or hate) about it or any other product and add a link to Amazon, for example, where your readers can check out the item for themselves. With luck, the reader may buy something (It doesn’t even have to be the item you reviewed) and earn you a commission!

Many bloggers and writers include ads for all sorts of products, but personally, I think the promotions should fit with the subject you’re writing about. Of course, nothing is as easy as it looks. This is why you will need a good amount of Training and GuidanceHow to Make Money From Blogging

I’m assuming you have an interest in making money online, or else you wouldn’t be reading this page. Well do yourself a favor and click THIS LINK to How to Make Money From Blogging for more detailed information. As I’m sure I’ve said elsewhere on this website, your future self will thank you for it.




Also, elsewhere on My-Buzz.com, I’ve written a post on various other ways you can make money online. Click Here to check it out.


Well, thanks for dropping by. I hope you’ve found this article interesting, informative, or both.


What are your thoughts on earning money by blogging? Do you know someone who writes a regular blog?


Feel free to chime in via the Comments Section below. I’d love to hear from you.


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