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Domain Abuse Admin Scam; Don’t Get Caught!

A new (to me, at least) scam just caught my attention.

A colleague of mine recently encountered this one. Luckily he was alert enough to perform the necessary due diligence before following any instructions.

This is how it works.

Supposedly from someone called “Domain Abuse Admin”, and possibly from a domain using the name DomainCop.com (or .org, .net, etc etc), an email arrives informing the website owner that their site has been blacklisted for spamming and spreading malware.

?????? Then follows (of course) links to examine the listing on the register and receive instructions for removing your site from the list.



?I’ve included a link here where you can see the email in question. Or one of it’s incarnations, anyway.

I’m not really sure just what they are after, but I’d guess that it’s just a phishing attempt to gather as much of your personal info as they can coax out of you.

Maybe they are after infecting your system with ransomware or other malicious software. No way to know for sure without clicking the links, and I’d certainly not recommend that!

Hoping this saves someone from falling for this.

Have you encountered something similar? Leave a comment below and I’ll follow it up.

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That’s it for now.

Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.
The Busy Bee



Thomas.????????? .


  1. Jim says:

    This scam from ?Domain Abuse Admin? is a new one on me! What hackers won?t think of next to pry personal data from ordinary, unsuspecting folks like me!

    I?ve heard about some other scam attempts to extract information or money from innocent people like ATM scams, credit reporting scams, direct deposit scams, internet job scams, etc.

    I also appreciate the information you presented about making money online through the Wealthy Affiliate Network.

    I have always thought that I had the ability to write great website content and promote a money-making website but, there are so many make-money-working-at-home scams that I quit researching them because I thought they were all sneaky and dishonest.

    But, I clicked your link and checked out Wealthy Affiliate and it looks like a very honest and straightforward platform specifically designed to help people like me become successful online entrepreneurs! The membership cost is very reasonable especially compared to all the scams I looked at. And, I found out that the members in Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful and patient in answering my questions no matter how simple they were!

    I appreciate the newfound knowledge!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jim.

      There’s really no end to the things scammers can dream up to steal either our money, our identity details, or both!

      I’m also glad you found the info on Wealthy Affiliate helpful.
      I tell everyone I know how rapt I am to have found this group myself!
      I too, had been searching for a while for an honest and ethical network, and had been scammed and spammed by experts, before I found them.
      I wish you success with your online endeavours.
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