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Nokia 2720 Flip Phone; Back to the Future?

Nokia’s Flip Phone is Back!

I don’t usually post reviews on phones or similar electronic devices. I recently heard the news about Nokia’s newest offerings, however, and couldn’t help adding my voice to the crowd.

(Maybe it’s because I still have fond memories of my first Nokia flip phone several years ago)nokia 2720 flip phone


Over the past few years, HMD has resurrected several of the old classic Nokia designs. Two that come to mind were the iconic Nokia 3310, then the Nokia 8110 – also known as the Banana Phone from the Matrix film franchise. Now they are continuing this tradition with the N 2720.

Back in the late 2000s, I had a little Nokia flipper, and I loved it! Sure, it wasn’t what you’d call a SmartPhone, but it was just so cool to enjoy that “Beam me up, Scotty” moment when I flicked it open with my thumb to answer a call. I’m not sure about the model but I think it may have been the Nokia 6101.


The thing that impressed me most about that unit, apart from the way it fitted so easily into a pocket, was the excellent reception. Especially in remote areas. At the time, I was working as a Pilot/Escort Driver, chaperoning oversize mining and construction equipment all over the country. Phone reception was often a problem, and most phones simply couldn’t pick up a signal once out of the metro area.

Not my little Nokia clamshell. If I couldn’t get a signal, nobody could. I eventually upgraded to an iPhone 4S once Apple resolved this coverage issue, but sometimes I still missed my little Nokia. Who said nostalgia is a thing of the past?

The Nokia Originals.

The new Nokia 2720 is part of what HMD calls its ‘Nokia Originals’ line. These phones offer modern spins on classic Nokia designs. In the case of the 2720, it’s the flip phone. which boasts a sleeker design, a larger 2.8-inch internal display, and loads of new features.

nokia 2720The Nokia 2720 runs Kai OS, a feature-filled phone operating system that adds more modern amenities like Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Assistant integration.

The inclusion of Google Assistant is especially helpful. HMD has improved GA this time around on an Operating System level. This means that, amongst other things, you’ll be able to use it to dictate texts (helpful if you’ve lost your T-9 typing skills) and open apps, plus more.

The flipping part works just like we remember: When you get a call, you’ll be able to see who’s calling on the 1.3-inch external display (it’ll also show other notifications), and you can answer simply by opening the phone. To hang up, simply snap the phone shut, and you’ll end the call. HMD also promises an impressive 27 days of standby time, which puts even the best smartphones to shame.

It doesn’t just stop with the more modern software. HMD has also added several modern improvements to the new 2720, all the while retaining the retro styling we all know and love. It’s a dual-SIM device with support for LTE, and it can even work as a Wi-Fi hot spot. This could make it a pretty decent option for a spare phone when travelling overseas.

The Nokia 2720 is due for release later in September 2019, although HMD has yet to announce the countries where it will be available. Pricing is set at 89 euros, or just under $100 US. This makes it a bargain buy for someone who wants a decent, reliable, phone without too many bells and whistles. Convenience and functionality are words that come to mind. In truth though, the only thing really separating the 2720 from many modern smartphones will be the screen size.

The keypad features a dedicated ICE (in case of emergency) button that can also be reprogrammed to call Google Assistant. Another really neat feature of this is that it can be programmed to send out up to five emergency texts to pre-defined contacts. This will make the Nokia 2720 an ideal phone for an elderly or disabled relative as an emergency device.

Nokia 800 Tough Phone.

nokia 800 tough phone

If you happen to be looking for something a bit more durable, there’s the Nokia 800 Tough. This is the first rugged phone from HMD with Nokia branding. It boasts an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, two-metre drop protection rating, and various military-grade 810G certifications. A phone designed with tradies in mind, (among others) the Nokia 800 will soon find a ready market, I’m sure. It also includes a built-in carabiner loop and rubberized keys with extended spacing. Ideal if you need to use it while wearing gloves. HMD claims this will have up to 43 hours standby time from a single charge. Due for release in October, the Nokia 800 Tough will retail at 109 euros.

As with the 2720, the 800 also supports various social media apps and Google Assistant.

Nokia 110; The Bargain Basement Phone.

nokia 110

Another new Nokia phone being released this year is the Nokia 110, an upgraded version of the $15 Nokia 3310, but with added multimedia capabilities. You can side-load music onto a micro SD card (up to 32GB). It also has a basic camera and a built-in radio. It’ll be available later in September for 18 euros, or around $20 US. This one comes in a variety of colors and you can’t argue with the price. It even comes with Snake (the game) pre-loaded.

So, if you’re looking for a simpler alternative to the modern smartphone, or just want to relive old memories, Nokia have you covered. Any one of these phones reviewed here will fulfill these requirements as well as offering a cheap alternative for a second, back-up phone.


What’s your take on the retro trend with modern phones? Feel free to join the conversation via the message box below.

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Nokia Retro Flip Phone


Ease of Use









  • Very Easy to Use and Navigate
  • Competitively Priced
  • Stylish, Compact


  • It's not a smart Phone
  • No touch screen for texting

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