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Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

I heard about this stock market newsletter?recently, and thought I’d do a little investigation.

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So, What is Technology Profits Confidential?

?Is technology profits confidential a scam?


Technology Profits Confidential is a subscription-only investment newsletter. It’s aimed at alerting subscribers to potential profits to be made by investing in what’s called “Penny Stocks” within the Technology niche.

These are new, start-up companies within the electronics and technology market that we can buy into for just a few cents. The idea being, to get in on the ground floor of the latest trends before the big investors. Then, we can cash out when the share prices increase and reinvest in the next venture. Or hold them, cashing out is just one option of course.

Let’s face it, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, AOL, and just about any tech company you care to name, started out this way. Canny investors jumped in while the companies were looking for start-up funds and reaped the rewards. The secret sauce of this is knowing which stocks are worth investing in and which aren’t.

Wouldn’t you like to be on the inside? I know I would!

What does this newsletter offer, and is it a legitimate investment tool?

Easy money online
. Is This a Money Trap?

That’s the Million Dollar question – quite literally. Do they really offer the inside information on these companies, or are they just after our money?

Well, let me share with you what I’ve been able to discover…

The TPC newsletter is apparently the brainchild of Ray Blanco. Mr Blanco has been involved in the technology and finance industries for some time and is currently employed by Agora Financial. Agora is the company behind the newsletter as a part of their wider investment advisory services.

You can view their website here, if you want.

Agora Financial was founded by Bill Bonner in 1979. The company has been providing financial advice for many years, and have an enviable reputation within financial circles. You can sign up via the above link to four FREE newsletters chock full of financial tips and trends.

These newsletters do have a lot of good investment tips in them. The reason Agora are willing to give away so much good info is as a teaser for their other, paid subscription services. (Including Technology Profits Confidential) That doesn’t make the information contained in these publications any less relevant, though.

**No, I don’t have any affiliate agreement or any other connection with Agora Financial. I’m simply offering the info in this article as a service to my readers.**

How Reliable is the Information in Technology Profits Confidential?

Well, there’s a saying that goes “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating.”

Having just discovered this newsletter myself, I can’t speak from personal experience.

Based on Agora’s past performance and reputation though, I’d be inclined to think the information should be well worth the investment.

How much Investment?

When I checked their website, I found the price for Technology Profits Confidential was US$49.00 per year.

For this, you get 12 monthly editions delivered to your inbox, plus three special reports.

The reports cover in-depth looks into cutting edge industries and technologies that may be shaping the world. At the time of writing the three topics were;

  1. Air-Dropped Profits (Dealing with drone technology)

2. The Three Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution

3. Invisible Power: From Tesla?s Lab to Your Home (Wireless charging)

Plus a bonus report for Platinum members. Crushed: Dump These Three Industries Before They Crash and Burn.

I’d assume these reports will change as time goes by.

Personally, I think $49 for the 3-4 reports listed above, plus the 12 monthly newsletters seems like a modest amount to pay. Especially if you happen to turn a decent profit in the process. TPC also mentions ?weekly updates? but it?s unclear what type of information you’ll get from these.

I’ll share a link here, which will take you to a sales page video by Ray Blanco. (Again, I remind you, I have no connection with Agora or the TPC newsletter)

The video, when I watched it, ran for about an hour. (You’ve been warned)

In it, he discussed his latest recommended offer, that I suppose will change in the future, as an incentive for subscribing. The presentation also included what we’ve come to accept as the standard internet strategy of offering a 50% “discount” for the lucky few who buy in straight away and a cut-off date.

In this case, it was a deadline for investing in the stocks mentioned in the teaser.

So What’s My Take on Technology Profits Confidential?

Aside from the one negative aspect above, it does seem like it could be a decent investment tool.

There’s one big proviso, though.

Investing in Penny Stocks such as the ones recommended within Technology Profits Confidential is, and should always be seen as, risky, to say the least.

Stock market investment is always a gamble, and this sort of investment is even more so.

My Golden Rule of Gambling is Never Bet More Than You’re Prepared to Lose. Anything you “invest” in a wager should be considered gone forever. If you happen to get a return, then consider it a bonus.

This applies if I’m visiting a casino, going to the races, or buying stocks and shares. Granted, some folk have managed to build themselves successful businesses based on share trading, but for every success story, there are a plethora of failures. Share trading is not for the faint-hearted. (Not as a primary income stream, anyway)



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Well, I hope you got something from this article.

Do you have any comments you’d like to add? Do you know of another investment or online business scheme you’d like me to take a look at?

Feel free to leave me a message via the comments box below. I’d be especially interested to hear from anyone who’s subscribed to Technology Profits Confidential.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for visiting My-Buzz.com.

Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.

Your friend,

Thomas.????????? .

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