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What’s the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

and Join the Digital Nomads?

In another post, I’ve written a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate group.

(There’s a link to that review here.)


Back in November 2016, I’d recently retired from my business in the transport industry, and was at a bit of a loose end. Not being the type of bloke to spend my days playing bowls or going fishing every day, (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if it’s what suits you) I decided to look into online marketing. I’ve been a writer of sorts for many years, although I’d never really taken it seriously. It was, along with music, my main creative outlet. Stories, articles, poems – I’ve been published once or twice, but never really set the world on fire. Let’s face it – I’m no Hemingway.


Make money scams are everywhereAnyway, I researched ways to make money online, signed up for a few schemes, and got ripped off more than once! It seemed that everywhere I looked, someone was trying to separate me from my hard-earned money. Mostly promising huge returns for little effort (but at a cost, of course) while delivering very little genuine advice or guidance.

Eventually, I decided to try Affiliate Marketing, also sometimes referred to as Blog Marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Well, basically it involves creating a website (like this one) and adding links to products related to the site that the readers will find interesting enough to follow and purchase from. If they end up buying, then a small commission comes back to the website author.

You can also add pay-per-click ads or other links but I prefer not to as I think it makes a site look spammy. My aim is to subsidize my web presence, not bombard my readers with ads and banners spruiking various get-rich-quick schemes in order to fatten my own bank account.

This video (below) sums up the concept of affiliate marketing in under two minutes.


After a lot of research, I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate University. Knowing next to nothing about the whole affiliate marketing thing, I knew I needed the best training and support I could find.

I also considered joining another group, The Chris Farrell Membership. If you’d like some info on that, I’ve written a review on The Chris Farrell Membership HERE. You can read both reviews and make your own comparisons.

I put those articles together a little while back, not long after joining WA, and while I was spinning my wheels trying to decide exactly what direction I wanted my online business to take. (You can’t rush these things)

I’m also working on a couple more niche websites. A niche site is aimed at a specific audience or product and is where we actually earn an income from referrals etc. These are taking most of my time, along with my Wealthy Affiliate training modules, of course.

The training at WA is comprehensive and detailed, and if you should decide to give it a try you’ll need to be prepared to put in a fair amount of effort and study. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a cost. In this case, the biggest cost is time and commitment.

You’ll also need to appreciate that success won’t happen overnight. Any new website will have to be up and running for some time before the search engines begin sending visitors your way. How long? It depends on lots of things, but it can be months before you see significant traffic to your site.

lear how to generate free traffic to your site
Free Traffic is The Way to Go, Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to get LOTS of it!

Having said that, I know of some that have been indexed by Google within days and received their first organic traffic within two or three weeks. (That’s traffic from search engines and not from posts you may place on social media or from friends visiting.)

This is the exception though, not the norm. Generally, it’ll take anywhere from three months or so before Google takes your site out of the “Sand Box” and starts showing it to potential visitors.

(The Google Sand Box is a theoretical tactic by Google to hold back new websites until they prove their worth. There’s an article here, that I wrote a few months after this post, that explains it in detail.)

Update: March 2020. These days, I work my affiliate marketing business part-time. (I’m also a writer, and I design and manage websites for local businesses?and besides, I’m supposedly “retired”) Despite that, I make a very decent income from Wealthy Affiliate’s training. Others on the platform are making over $2K per week, so the training works, people!!

I’ve included a video below, made by one of the trainers and top affiliates of WA outlining his first ten years as an affiliate marketer.

Jay’s Video Here

.Another alternative is to use Paid Traffic. This is where you select a keyword you’d like to target and actually pay Google to show your site to folks who search for that term. If you do a search you’ll often see listings at the top of the search results marked “Ad”. These are paid search results. There’s a blog post here by a fellow WA member and successful affiliate marketer where he discusses the pros and cons of going down that route.

Paid traffic does work, and can work well. You’ll need to be prepared to spend quite a bit though, and do some split testing, before you get results. Otherwise, just follow the training and you’ll be able to build your own free traffic after a while.

The bottom line then, I guess, is that if you think you’d like to earn some money online I’d definitely recommend Affiliate Marketing. You don’t have to be a gifted writer or a member of the Grammar Police. You just need to get the right training and work your way through it. Many affiliate marketers and bloggers just hire freelance writers to do the heavy lifting while they concentrate on promoting their site(s).

work from home as a digital nomad
The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Can be Yours.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free. No credit card required. All you need to supply is your name and an email address. They’ll even give you two free websites of your own to get started with. Go and check out my review HERE if you haven’t already, and I’ll look forward to chatting with you within the community. I’ll even become your personal mentor until you get up to speed.


Just to be absolutely transparent; Yes, I will receive a small commission if you go ahead and join. There’ll be no extra cost to?you however, and you’ll be able to bask in the knowledge that you’re subsidizing this website and helping keep me motivated. (Insert smiley)

What Do You Get With a Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

how much does wealthy affiliate membership cost

As well as the benefits shown above, you’ll be able to contact your sponsor (me) any time you need help or advice. There’s also a great Live Chat where you can get in touch with other members from all over the world. Let’s face it – it’s in everyone’s interests to see that you’re successful.

Have you had any experience with affiliate marketing? Do you know anyone who has?

Join the conversation via the Comments Box below. I’d love to hear from you.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you found something of interest here. Please bookmark it for future reference, and yes, share with your friends.

Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.
The Busy Bee

Bye for now,


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