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What’s the Best Online Business in the World?

Please Note: This website no longer has any affiliation with the Wealthy Affiliate marketing group. The information in this post is still valid, however, and to anyone wishing to build an online business, I’d recommend you read on. Please treat the information herein as general advice only.

Sadly, the free website offer referred to is no longer valid. I’m happy to offer advice on setting up your own website, though. Email me at ross.madison@my-buzz.com.

May I ask you a Question? (or two)

Have you ever thought about setting up an online business? Would you like to know how you can start from scratch and build a part-time or full-time income with no experience, and little outlay?

It may sound too good to be true, but if you can spare me a few minutes of your time I’ll explain how you can make it happen.

I’m an online entrepreneur. (That’s a fancy way of saying I make money online) Although I live in Australia, my business is global. What do I do? I’m what’s known as an Affiliate Marketer.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

I’m so glad you asked.

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is a term used to describe the common practice of posting ads or links into a website in return for payment. This payment could be on a pay-per-click (PPC) or a commission basis or some other arrangement.

This video (below) sums up the concept of affiliate marketing in under two minutes.

The job of the affiliate marketer is to create and publish content that people will want to read. When I say ‘content’, I could be referring to a travel blog, a writers’ website, a fishing site, whatever. Let’s face it, if you have an interest or a hobby that you know a fair bit about, there are bound to be thousands (at least) of people worldwide who share your interests and might like to read what you have to offer.

You could publish articles that either answer a question or supply information that someone has searched the web for. It could be as simple as “What’s the best blender for home use” or “How to do crocheting” or “What’s the best fishing lure for Coral Trout”.

Creating interesting copy is something that most people can learn to do with practice and training. You’ll also need to either already know the answers or be prepared to do the research. You’ll only have to do that research one time though in order to write a post that could go on to earn you money for years.

Many affiliate marketers employ freelance writers to create their articles. Once you’ve learned the ropes it’s fairly simple to delegate the heavy lifting and concentrate on promoting your site(s).

digital nomad working from home
The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Can be Yours.


Once your article is published it becomes a permanent part of the World Wide Web and could continue to earn you a passive income for many years to come. All you need to do then is “rinse and repeat”.

It can seem a bit daunting at first, but a little help goes a long way. That’s why I’m going to recommend you join a group like Wealthy Affiliate.


The founders of WA, (let’s call it that from here on) are a couple of Canadian guys called Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. They’ve put together an incredibly informative and helpful program designed to lead you step-by-step through the labyrinth of internet marketing. Since 2005, literally thousands of people have been able to become financially independent with the help of the team at Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the largest and most successful affiliate training group around. Read on, and I’ll explain why.

Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Co$t: Let’s get this out of the way first

how to make money with the internetYou can join WA for free. You don’t have to provide credit card details or commit to anything except being prepared to give it your best shot. This is exactly what I recommend to anyone considering giving affiliate marketing a try. “Why”, I can hear you ask, “if their program is so good, would they give it away for free?”

Well, the answer simply is that Kyle and Carson believe passionately in the try before you buy philosophy. In my opinion, any company offering a program like this should have no problem with making such an offer. If you aren’t happy after giving it a good ol’ College Try, then we can all part on good terms.

The free membership gives you full access to the training program for a trial period so you can make an informed decision as to whether Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. You have the opportunity to create a website of your own for free, and you’ll be given full training and full access to the WA community support base.

You’ll also have access to ongoing training modules. After the trial period you can stay on as a free member if you wish, and yes, you still get to keep the free website. (Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?) Another bonus here is that once learned, the knowledge and information you’ve gained can’t ever be taken away.


If you opt to upgrade to Premium Membership the cost is $49 per month, but that’ll be reduced to $19 for the first month if you upgrade within 10 days. This actually represents great value, as you’ll see for yourself after you’ve dipped your toes into the waters.

The $49 monthly membership includes web hosting for up to 10 of your own domains plus 10 shared-domain sites. Most members have up to three websites, but some members take advantage of their training and expertise to build and manage websites for small businesses on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In fact, some make that their main source of income. Just one client will easily pay much more than the annual WA membership fee. Here’s a cost breakdown in a table format for you:

what does wealthy affiliate membership costThere are also big savings to be made by paying annually.

Comparable Premium managed website hosting can easily cost over $200.00 USD a year for one site!

As a comparison, here’s what similar hosting packages are costing with other Managed Hosting Services:

Pagely (5 Websites) = $199 per month

WPEngine (10 Websites) = $115 per month

Kinsta (10 Websites) = $200 per month

Wealthy Affiliate (10 Websites) = $49 per month! (included with Premium, so as well as the hosting, you also get the full training package.)

In addition to the benefits shown above, you’ll be able to contact your sponsor (me) whenever you need help with anything. If I’m not online, you can post your questions to the general membership.

There’s also the Live Chat feature where lots of our senior members hang out, so you’ll never be lost for help or advice.

The Wealthy Affiliate website hosting server is one of the fastest servers (if not the fastest) in the world. Fast load speeds mean that WA members have a real edge over the competition when it comes to search engine rankings. They also include secure https:// hosting and heaps of extra features that others will only supply as upsells.

With WA there’s no such thing as upsells. All features are available to all Premium members. You even get free access to Jaaxy, one of the absolute best keyword research tools on the market. There’s no compulsion to upgrade, though, so you’ve really got nothing to lose, have you?

What Are The Cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

Why do Many People Fail at Affiliate Marketing?

The two main reasons many fail to succeed in affiliate marketing are:

  1. Unrealistic Expectations, and
  2. Not being willing or able to put in the required effort.

The first reason comes from the fact that there are so many ‘Internet gurus’ out there spruiking the fact that they can supposedly turn anyone into a millionaire virtually overnight. (For a suitably fat fee, of course) You know the ones I mean, “I went from zero to six-figures in three months. Let me teach you how I did it.” (The actual truth is, that they got rich by selling get-rich-quick schemes to gullible customers)

Then comes the sales spiel, followed by a series of ‘special deals’ accompanied by a countdown timer to add to the excitement, and before we know it we’ve signed up.

Then we follow their instructions, and we wait, and wait, and nothing happens. Then we join the masses saying “Affiliate marketing is just a scam. Nobody ever makes any money that way.”

But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can build an affiliate marketing business, provided you have the right training and the right work ethic.

As an aside here, you’ll notice I’ve made no claims whatsoever as to how much I personally make from affiliate marketing. There are two reasons for this:

1. My earnings are confidential, between myself and the taxman.

2. If you’re like me, you never believe claims about massive online earnings. They so are easily faked.

I joined WA in 2016. If I wasn’t earning good money, would I still be here?

What I will say, is no, I’m not earning six figures. (Though I do know several WA members who are, including one stay-at-home Mom I’m in touch with who started about the same time as I did)

Why not? Quite simply because I don’t work as hard as others do. As I said earlier, I’m supposed to be retired! This is just a side hustle for me. I enjoy it, and I take great pleasure from helping new members succeed as well.

Which brings me to item 2: Putting in the effort.

Let’s suppose you were wanting to start a bricks-and-mortar business in your local neighborhood. Would you expect to be successful if you only worked at it for about 15-20 hours a week? Not likely. Not with rent, power bills, advertising, etc, etc.

However, you can build an affiliate marketing business part-time; it’s just going to take a lot longer. (You’re unlikely to start earning much for up to two or three months, though, no matter how much you put into it.) You can blame Mr. Google for that last bit. There’s a post here that explains why if you have time to read it.  (Yes, I’ll get to the free website offer in a bit)

What you need to keep in mind is that If you want to achieve financial success and independence you’re going to have to earn it. That means keeping on keeping on, and working on your plan, not your tan.

Keeping yourself motivated is probably one of the most difficult aspects of running an internet business. You’ll need to be willing to spend many hours just learning the business before you can ever hope to start earning from it.

And, this is another reason why most successful affiliate marketers come from organizations like Wealthy Affiliate. When you get confused or despondent there’s always someone online within the group ready and willing to help with advice or just to keep you motivated.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone, though. There’s no point in upgrading to Wealthy Affiliate Premium if you aren’t prepared to put in some effort. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a hands-off, autopilot, money-making machine.

Affiliate marketing will not make you a millionaire overnight. What it will do, is give you the opportunity to build a business from scratch. A business you can be proud of, and that could support you and your family for many years, with little effort, once established.

Aside from the moderate cost, the only possible downside (if you could call it that) of WA is the huge volume of training modules available. It can be almost overwhelming at first. The easy way, however, is to start at the introductory phase and work your way through the courses step by step.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

(Just to be transparent; yes, if you sign up via this link, I will receive a small commission. There’s no extra cost to you, however, and you can be assured I’ll do everything I can to help you succeed. Who knows, it may be the start of a whole new career for you!

You don’t have to just take my word for it though, here are some testimonials from others who have tried Wealthy Affiliate for themselves.

“This platform provides everything you could possibly need in starting an online business — especially if you’re a newbie. But there’s so much more, because seasoned marketing veterans can benefit just as well. For sure, Wealthy Affiliate is a thumbs-up proposition. Glad to be here. Looking forward to earning and learning.”? Craig, WA member.

“Honestly speaking, I’m crazy about this community ever since I was exposed to unsuccessful online business and lost a lot money before. Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 contender for me. I’ve got a successful website and domain through WA and I’m now only 2 months with the community but its like years now. I love simplicity, love and caring within the platform, more than help as requested and opportunity to explore online adventure. Thanks to Kyle and Carson” Alfred, WA member

“I am so grateful for finding W A, I’ve struggled for 2 + years trying to figure out certain things and within days of being on here I’ve made my own website, understand about simple things like niches that didn’t seem at all simple before WA. I Love the simplicity and how easy things are to understand and how everything is done in steps. There really is NO way this won’t work for you unless you don’t do something right yourself. All the answers and help that I need are here and I will be around for a very long time. I love it. Thank you Kyle and Carson for such a great site.”? Nicky, WA member.

“There is no doubt in my mind. Had I found WA 5 years ago when I started looking into online marketing, I would definitely have a very well established online business by now. Words can’t really explain how highly I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s perfect to get you going with your online business journey.” Daymo, WA member.

A further update: If you follow this link you’ll see a post from within the Wealthy Affiliate site written by a fellow member, Eddy. He’s been with WA for quite a while now, and in this post, he shares some details of his latest earnings. (As of March 2018) ? earn money online the easy way

So who can benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, the answer here is just about anyone who;

a) is currently involved in internet marketing,

b) has an established online presence. (Bloggers, reviewers, celebrities etc) or

c) is looking to set up some form of online business.

No previous experience is required. I knew nothing about websites or blogs before I started. I’m still a long way from being an expert, but I am being taught by experts.

Because of the way affiliate marketing works, it can be easily married with any sort of online presence, without detracting from whatever the main theme of the post/site is. Let’s face it, if you visit a fashion blog or a travel site, are you really going to be put off by a few discrete ads or links? Especially if they relate to the online subject matter? Of course not!

Online support is yours whenever you may need it. Because WA is a global community, there’s pretty much always someone online who will be only too happy to help you out if you happen to get stuck with something. I personally was blown away by just how supportive everyone in WA is.

Members even have direct access to Kyle via his personal profile. (Let’s not forget though, that he’s a busy man and can’t always reply immediately) Rest assured, you will get a reply, which is more than can be said for most online organisations.

The Site Support crew are also incredibly helpful. Most queries are answered within minutes (24/7) and issues quickly resolved. Believe me, I’ve had occasion to call on them a few times. Like I said, I knew nothing about websites before I started but the training and help make it all just soooo easy.

You don’t need to work full time to be successful. If you can, so much the better, though I’d be inclined to think that you might become a bit overwhelmed by all the training if you try to do too much at once.

For an example of the training provided, Click Here and you’ll be taken to a page where you can look at the first of many course modules. In all, there are 60 modules in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, and lots more training being added all the time!

If I had to give the Wealthy Affiliate program a score out of 100, I’d be giving around 98. No organization is perfect, after all, but as one with experience from inside, so to speak, this is as close as any such scheme I’ve encountered. And yes, I’ve tried a few over the years. My biggest regret is that I didn’t find out about WA years ago!

Now, about the website giveaway: If you sign on for the Wealthy Affiliate trial offer via my link and upgrade to premium for one year, I’ll give you your choice of two ready-made and optimized websites. You can check out the sites HERE, and HERE. This is definitely a limited time offer. When these sites are gone, the offer will be taken down. These are sites I had planned to work on myself. In fact, you’ll see that the core content is in place and all that’s needed to turn these into successful affiliate sites is the awesome content you will provide.

And so now it’s over to you. Do you keep doing the same old things you’ve been doing, or do you grab the chance now to create a whole new career for yourself? The choice is yours. Remember, Today in the First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Let’s make it a good one.

My recommendation for anyone wanting to earn money from home, or thinking about starting a business from scratch with minimal outlay, is to follow this link and check out WA today. Your future self will thank you!

Let me guide you and help you avoid online scams.
The Busy Bee

I’ll look forward to seeing you on the inside.



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