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Would you like to know how to start a small business online?

Even better, what if I said you can do it virtually for free?

Update: My-Buzz.com is no longer associated with the Wealthy Affiliate Group. For the sake of simplicity, all posts that refer to WA have been left in place for the time being. Feel free to wander over there if you want to check them out. They are legit, but probably not my top recommendation any more.

These days, it seems almost everybody is either doing business online or knows of someone who is. Having your own online business is something many aspire to, but without the right information and advice, few will turn it into reality.

The truth is, you can make money online.

There, I’ve said it!

You can start you own business online
Earn Money Online

The downside is that there is no such thing as a Free Lunch, so if you aspire to joining the ranks of those of us making a living (and sometimes a very good one) with just a computer and an internet connection, you’ll need to have a plan and be prepared to WORK at it! Ambition without action is just a dream, after all.


Become a Digital Nomad with your own Online Business
The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Can be Yours.

Yes, there are a million and one web pages out there that will promise you anything from Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars a week with very little effort (and just a small outlay, of course) but the only ones making a living from most of them would be the ones trying to get between you and your money.

As I say elsewhere on this site, if it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

I’ve compiled a list of Ten Ways you can Start an Online Business

Click Here to jump straight to the list.

(The following is an ad for Wealthy Affiliate that I’ve left in place for now. Feel free to check it out or simply use the link above to skip it and view the list.)

Now you could call me biased, but I firmly believe the easiest and absolute best way to join the ranks of online entrepreneurs is with Affiliate Marketing. What’s that? You say…

Well, in a nutshell, it involves you, the website creator/owner, publishing reviews or articles (like this one, for example) that will attract visitors to your site.

You then add links or ads to your site and when a visitor follows a link and makes a purchase, you get a commission. Easy peasy.

Well, maybe not quite that easy, but that’s the basic idea.

This video explains the concept in just under two minutes.

But hang on, you say, I’m not a writer. And I don’t know anything about

Building a Website!

Yeah, that was my first reaction too. The truth is though, you don’t need to be a Hemingway or even close. Blog posts such as this just need to be readable and informative. Do your research, learn as much as you can about the subject, and present it in simple, easy to read terms.

It’s amazing what a bit of investigation can turn up. Often, when you start researching a subject you may be surprised at just how much you actually already know about the topic.

And as for website creation, well it’s never been easier to learn. With the right software, (which is free, by the way) almost anybody can create a working website in a few minutes! You just need the right learning platform.

Which brings me to… (Commercial Break coming up)

Wealthy Affiliate University. The absolute best way to learn to become an affiliate marketer. You can start today FOR FREE! No credit card required, no long-term commitment. If you’re not happy after checking it out, there’ll be no hard feelings. If, however, you’re serious about making a new start with your own online business, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

Follow the blue link above to read my review post on WA, or click the banner below to check out their website.

Okay, commercial break over.

So What Other Money Making Ideas do I Have?

Although I’ve limited this post to ten ideas for starting your own internet business, there’s just no end to the opportunities for making a buck online. The following is a list of some of the most common ethical ways people earn money via the internet. So let’s dive in…

1. You could Sell your photos online.

You don’t have to be an expert or a professional photographer to be able to earn money with your camera.

Even phone camera snapshots can sometimes be just what someone is looking for. The trick earn money selling photos onlineis to take lots of snaps and sort them through later. Some of the best shots I have taken have been what could only be described as flukes. A close inspection will sometimes reveal a hidden gem amongst your collection of selfies and family snaps. If you happen to have a good DSLR and/or are a keen shutterbug, so much the better, but don’t let a lack of top-flight equipment deter you.


Where can I sell them – I hear you ask?

Well, there’s always Instagram, but a very good avenue for saleable photos is Dreamstime!

Just register via the above link, submit your best or most unusual pics and your latest snapshot could appear on the front page of Time!? Well yeah, okay, that’s unlikely – but who knows who just might see exactly what they are looking for in your humble portfolio?


Should you be looking at setting up a website by the way, and need some free photos or artwork, check out this link: Free Images From Dreamstime.

2. Start a Drop Shipping website

Not sure just what Drop Shipping is? I’ve published an article here that explains it all in detail. I prefer Affiliate Marketing, but I know several people who swear by the Dropshipping platform. The link above will open in a new tab, so you can come back here afterwards just by closing the window.

3. You could Start your own Academy.

Sound a bit strange? Well, it’s not as odd as it may seem.Start an online business for free

It’s possible you have some unique knowledge or insight into an industry, that others will pay you to share with them. Search back through your past work or recreation history and you just might find a gem you’ve overlooked.

All you need is a website, (which you can set up for free, by the way. See link below) and some basic writing skills and you could be on a winner.

Again, though, I stress that it’s not going to happen overnight and you will have to work at it.

4. how about Starting a Blog?

You don’t have to be a literary genius or an English Major to maintain a blog of your own. You may need to pay a bit of attention to grammar, punctuation etc, but most readers are pretty forgiving on that subject if your stuff is interesting and/or informative. There’s a free browser add-on called Grammarly that’s the Duck’s Nuts when it comes to spelling and grammar checking. I have it turned on all the time when I write and it picks up spelling mistakes and gives grammar suggestions in real-time.

If you’re interested, I’ve written a Review of Grammarly here, and also a post where I compare Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, and other grammar checking software HERE.

You can blog on virtually any subject you like. Let’s face it, if it interests you there are bound to be thousands of other people worldwide who will also find it interesting.How to Make Money From Blogging

Here is a link to a review of a great guide to making money from blogging. It has all you need to know to earn a good income from a blog of your own. As with the other link I supplied earlier, it’ll open in a new tab that you can close when you want to get back here.


5. Udemy.com is a site that specializes in online training. It may be possible to put together a course that can be hosted on their site.

6. Upwork.com is a site connecting freelancers in any field with potential clients. Mostly dedicated to writing and editorial work, but you could apply to act as a Virtual Assistant. These jobs do exist, you just have to look. Check out their Administrative Support Section.

7. If you have a particular skill at a handicraft of some sort, you could sell your creations on etsy.com  Many people make money this way, but don’t quit your day job just yet. I have a post here dedicated to Making Money on Etsy.

8. If you think you have a little designer flair, you could design T-Shirts and market them online.

Check out teespring.com or cafepress.com for ideas and links.

9. Do you have a large following on Social Media?

You may be able to leverage this by including ads on your sites. I’m reliably informed that sites like amobee.com can place ads within your online content containing hyperlinks that will pay you when people follow the links. You will need to have a fairly large following, but it’s another avenue to try.

10. Domain Flipping.

If you’re lucky (and quick) enough, you may be able to grab a .com domain name which you can on-sell via sites like godaddy.com. or flippa.com. This would apply if, for example, ford.com happened to be available. (Don’t bother checking, it isn’t)

Seriously though, domain flipping can be a profitable enterprise. So much so, that Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, has dedicated a complete lesson to it. Unfortunately, I can’t pass on that link, as it’s a Premium-only lesson. I will say though, that there are many who regularly make good money from domain flipping alone.

So you can see that there are many ways to make money online. Not all will make you rich, in fact, most won’t. We do have to start somewhere, however.

As an added extra, and something I rarely do, I’ll include a link here to another similarly-themed blog on working from home. In it, the author, Jeremy Harrison, discusses 25 ways for a stay-at-home Mom to earn online. You might like to pop back here and click the above link when you’ve finished this article.


Anyway, that’s it from me for this article. Please check out the other pages and posts on my-buzz.com and feel free to leave a comment below.

How to start you own online business
The Busy Bee


Wishing you every success with your online endeavors.


Ross.            . .


  1. Simon says:

    Another great source to get free images is Google Images.
    Type into Google images what you’re after and click the settings tab at the top of the webpage.
    Select ‘Advanced Search’ and scroll down towards the bottom.
    Click the down arrow where it shows ‘Not Filtered By Licence’ and select ‘Fee to use or share, even commercially’ and you can use this selection too.
    Thanks for your dreamstime selection of free images, I’m always on the lookout for more.

  2. Ray says:

    WOW! Certainly a lot of information for one post.

    I didn’t realize there was a training session on WA for domain flipping. I’m very interested in that as I have a couple of purchased domains I will probably never use. I will just have to figure out how to move them out of Wealthy Affiliate where I bought them.

    I love photography and had no idea that there were websites that would buy images, but then I guess it makes sense,  That might be something else I will try.

    Your post was very interesting and informative and I think many of your readers will benefit from it.

    • Thomas Greenbank says:

      Thanks Ray. I’m glad you got something out of this article.

      It’s true that Wealthy Affiiate has training on just about everything to do with earning money online, not just affiliate marketing. It really is a “one-stop shop” so to speak.

      Transferring a domain out of Wealthy Affiliate is easy. I’ve onsold a couple of sites, as when I started I didn’t know what niche to concentrate on and was spreading myself too thin at first.

      The transferring process is covered well in Kyle’s training on domain flipping.

      All the best with your online endeavours.

  3. Russ Green says:

    Yet another interesting and informative article, I really do like the way you explained these various ways of how to make money online, however, I have to admit that I completely agree with you on which money making method is the best, yes it’s affiliate marketing, not only due to the fact that it can become a sustainable ongoing income, but I also believe that affiliate marketing is about to grow and become much more popular, you only need to look at the sheer number of companies and retailers that are now using affiliates for proof of that. 


    • Thomas Greenbank says:

      You hit the nail on the head there, Russ. The best part about affiliate marketing, I believe, is the fact that it becomes a truly passive income stream. So long as we set up our websites correctly and do our SEO properly, then once our posts start to rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc  we’ll be earning from them for the long term.

      Good training is essential though. This is where groups like Wealthy Affiliate come in. WA keeps me on track and up to date with any changes the search engines introduce.

      Thanks for dropping by, Russ. All the best with your online business.

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